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Playing Mind Games
In Mind Games we meet Matthew who is not your average sixth grader. He can control other children, mentally. At first, it is fun.
There is the class bully who is forced to back off, and there is his friend Christina, on whom he plays numerous mind tricks. The fun
ends when an eighth grader discovers Matthew’s secret. Trading on Matthew's fear of exposure, the eighth grader begins a
dangerous game of blackmail. Matthew wants to do the right thing, but he has no family member to turn to for help, not with his
mother dead and his aunt still a stranger. Matthew decides to cooperate–stealing and even planning a bigger robbery–convinced that
he will soon be left alone. It was a serious miscalculation. Now his only hope is his mental skills. With his powers increasing, will he
be able to outwit the eighth grader?

The Starlight Kids, Mystery of the Feather Burglar
After her parents' divorce, Shari is angry, frustrated, and feeling helpless, until she joins the Starlight Kids Club. Who is that strange
man packing boxes late at night in the attic of the house across the street? Why doesn't the home attendant want any kids visiting
Mrs. Broderick? Shari is determined to find out. With the help of her friends, Shari gets her chance to turn a boring summer vacation
into a fantastic action packed adventure.

Throwing children of different races together will not automatically foster friendships and deep connections. It takes effort to create
multiculturalism awareness. This teen novel helps to initiate discussions on diversity, stereotyping and privilege. Same age, same
height, same grade-they could have been identical twins, but they were not. Yet they lived in the same imperfect world with
overwhelming family problems. Greg's father had walked out after striking his mother. Steve's father refused to leave after repeatedly
abusing his mother. Each boy, in his own way, was begging for help. They lived in different homes. They had different Personalities  
One was black and the other was white and they had switched!

The Intruders
What does a black, a Chinese, an Italian and a Puerto Rican Bronx teen have in common?A thirst for excitement! They get their
adventure and more when they set out to explore an abandoned park in their neighborhood. After falling down a ledge, the teens find
that they have time-travelled three centuries into the future€“in the middle of a war between tribes. Fortunately, one tribe accepts
them The teenagers soon find that they have a unique and thrilling advantage in the conflict. They know the land, and the tribes, who
had lost most modern technology, do not. Unfortunately, within weeks, their adventure became too real as both friends and enemies
are getting killed! This is no longer fun. This is war!
Life After High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt
This no-nonsense text offers strategies for dealing with life after high school. The guide explains positive and negative traits that can
help or hinder teens in their post high school life and gives readers tips to identify the path to success and avoid the route that often
leads to Failure this book is only for those who want to succeed. It€™s based on the premise that if you can figure out what
personality type you are, then just perhaps you can move on to figuring out how to manage your life. Another focus is the recognition
that sometimes it can take years of struggle, both financial and emotional, to realize your dream. However, regardless of the issues,
what is important is the decisions that you make, and the path that you take, immediately after leaving high school.

The Dangers of Medical Radiation
We worry about radiation dose at airport security systems. We worry about electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell
phones yet we are willing to tolerate the massive doses of radiation given to us by our health care providers. Protect yourselves from
medical radiation and minimize your exposure. Learn about the dangers from misuse and overuse of x-ray procedures such as CT
scans, fluoroscopy including heart angiograms, dental imaging, nuclear imaging and radiation therapy.

Spanish for Radiology Professionals
English to Spanish translation of often used technical terms and radiological instructions. This book can easily be used by someone
with a limited knowledge of Spanish to communicate instructions to the patient and to understand simple everyday emergency
situations the Spanish-speaking patient may present.

Lange Radiographic Positioning Flashcards (Lange)
A comprehensive, carry-anywhere review of routine imaging procedures, projections, and positioning terminology
Each two-sided card includes a high-quality photograph of correct patient positioning with details of the projection and the
corresponding X-ray, technical information, and image evaluation criteria
Most cards include a high-resolution radiographic image and photographs demonstrating each position/projection
Great for use as a radiography procedures course review or as a clinical refresher prior to taking a patient's X-ray

Mammography and Breast Imaging Prep & Mammography and Breast Imaging: Just the Facts
A comprehensive educational text on breast cancer imaging, diagnosing and treatment including coverage of all breast imaging
modalities and techniques.

Lange Q & A Mammography Examination
A review and self-assessment manual for radiologic technologists interested in the Advance Level Examination in Mammography.
Radiographic Imaging & Mammography Seminars
Seminars for educators, managers, radiologic science professionals, mammographers, and health care professionals involved in
providing imaging or breast-imaging services.

Visit the MTMI website for details on upcoming seminars

Continuing Education
Radiologic Technology Continuing Education offers online accredited CE content to meet all your professional development and
career advancement.
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My Perspective
Low Dose, High Quality Possible by Olive Peart, M.S. R.T. (R) (M)
Radiologic Technology, 79:371-372 2008 © 2008 American Society of Radiologic Technologists
The year was 1908, and the use of radiation for both medical and recreational purposes was expanding rapidly. Circuses used the
rays to guess the content of women’s bags. Shoe stores had fluoroscopy machines to help customers fit shoes. Wealthy individuals
had x-ray units in their homes to entertain guests.

As time progressed, the consequences to individuals became apparent. Yet, even as scientists began documenting eye and skin
ailments, the abuse of radiation continued.

The problem was that these rays could not be seen, tasted, touched, smelled or heard. It was difficult for the public to understand
the dangers. Not until well into the 1950s did the many harmful practices finally cease. Even then, the effort was geared mainly
toward protecting those who worked with x-rays.
Fast forward 100 years. The year is 2008. Today, a career using x-rays is absolutely safe. Technologists can enjoy the benefits of
protective devices such as lead shielding and radiation monitoring. Yet concern still remains: What about the patients?
The rapid spread of multislice computed tomography (CT) scans, plus computed radiography (CR) and direct radiography (DR) in
general radiography, has been great for our profession. However, these new technologies have resulted in a rapid and dangerous
increase in radiation dose to patient The American College of Radiology developed appropriateness criteria, recognizing that there is
an immediate need to develop a nationally accepted system to assist radiologists and referring physicians in making the correct
imaging decision for a given patient It is hoped that, if implemented, these guidelines will protect patients by addressing one aspect of
the problem — namely physicians.

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