Throwing children of different races together will not automatically foster friendships and deep connections. It takes effort to create multiculturalism awareness. This teen novel helps to initiate discussions on diversity, stereotyping and privilege. Same age, same height, same grade—they could have been identical twins, but they were not. Yet they lived in the same imperfect world with overwhelming family problems. Greg’s father had walked out after striking his mother. Steve’s father refused to leave after repeatedly abusing his mother. Each boy, in his own way, was begging for help. They lived in different homes. They had different personalities.  One was black and the other was white and they had switched!


The Intruders

What does a black, a Chinese, an Italian and a Puerto Rican Bronx teen have in common?—A thirst for excitement! They get their adventure and more when they set out to explore a cave in their neighborhood.

 After falling down a ledge, the teens find that they have time-travelled three centuries into the future–in the middle of a war between tribes. Fortunately, one tribe accepts them.

 The teenagers soon find that they have a unique and thrilling advantage in the conflict. They know the land, and the tribes, who had lost most modern technology, do not. Unfortunately, within weeks, their adventure became too real as both friends and enemies are getting killed! This is no longer fun. This is war!





Life After High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt

This no-nonsense text offers strategies for dealing with life after high school. The guide explains positive and negative traits that can help or hinder teens in their post high school life and gives readers tips to identify the path to success and avoid the route that often leads to failure.

This book is only for those who want to succeed. It’s based on the premise that if you can figure out what personality type you are, then just perhaps you can move on to figuring out how to manage your life. Another focus is the recognition that sometimes it can take years of struggle, both financial and emotional, to realize your dream. However, regardless of the issues, what is important is the decisions that you make, and the path that you take, immediately after leaving high school.



The Dangers of Medical Radiation

We worry about radiation dose at airport security systems. We worry about electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell phones yet we are willing to tolerate the massive doses of radiation given to us by our health care providers. Protect yourselves from medical radiation and minimize your exposure. Learn about the dangers from misuse and overuse of x-ray procedures such as CT scans, fluoroscopy including heart angiograms, dental imaging, nuclear imaging and radiation therapy.



Spanish for Radiology Professionals

English to Spanish translation of often used technical terms and radiological instructions. This book can easily be used by someone with a limited knowledge of Spanish to communicate instructions to the patient and to understand simple everyday emergency situations the Spanish-speaking patient may present.



Lange Radiographic Positioning Flashcards (Lange)

A comprehensive, carry-anywhere review of routine imaging procedures, projections, and positioning terminology

Each two-sided card includes a high-quality photograph of correct patient positioning with details of the projection and the corresponding X-ray, technical information, and image evaluation criteria

Most cards include a high-resolution radiographic image and photographs demonstrating each position/projection

Great for use as a radiography procedures course review or as a clinical refresher prior to taking a patient's X-ray


Mammography and Breast Imaging Prep & Mammography and Breast Imaging: Just the Facts

A comprehensive educational text on breast cancer imaging, diagnosing and treatment including coverage of all breast imaging modalities and techniques.



Lange Q & A Mammography Examination

A review and self-assessment manual for radiologic technologists interested in the Advance Level Examination in Mammography.



Radiographic Imaging & Mammography Seminars

Seminars for educators, managers, radiologic science professionals, mammographers, and health care professionals involved in providing breast-imaging services.

Visit the MTMI website for details on upcoming seminars



Gannett Editor

Visit the Gannett web site for details on continuing education courses:



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Mammo Prep


Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and Exam Prep


A comprehensive review for the mammography registry examination – from an experienced educator and clinician who knows exactly what it takes to pass


Includes new coverage of the latest digital imaging technologies


Written by an instructor and mammography specialist at Stamford Hospital


Concise narrative text helps you to focus on essential concepts


Practice questions with answers referenced to the text allow you to gauge your comprehension of important material


Learning aids such as objectives and glossaries at the beginning of each chapter streamline the learning process


Numerous radiographs teach you to recognize good and bad films and normal circumscribed lesions and breast calcifications


High-quality diagrams help you learn correct patient positioning consistent with the American College of Radiography and the Mammography Quality Control Manual


Valuable during coursework to help you recognize and understand concepts that are likely to appear on the exam


A complete review for licensure that includes the history of breast imaging, breast cancer detection, and treatment (including new imaging methods and recent advances in digital mammography, MRI, BSGI, DBT, volumtetric ultrasound imaging, and Cone Beam Breast CT)


Book Information

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical; 1 edition (February 10, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0071749322

ISBN-13: 978-0071749329


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Mammography Just the FactsMammography and Breast Imaging: Just the Facts


This text offers a comprehensive yet concise coverage of breast cancer imaging, breast anatomy, plus accreditation and certification of mammography facilities. It is ideal for mammographers, educators, health care professionals and others interested in breast education.


Its highly efficient design conveniently condenses and simplifies only the most important content, for maximum yield and comprehension.


Standardized bulleted format emphasizes key points for breast anatomy, physiology, pathology, interventional procedures, mammographic technique, image evaluation and all current and experimental breast imaging modalities.


Logical organization provides quick access to specific topics.


Line drawing and radiographic images demonstrates positioning techniques and diagnostic comparisons.


Chapter quizzes improve self-assessment.


Best preparation for the ARRT mammography exam.

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Lange Q&A Mammography Exam

Lange Q & A Mammography Examination

Best preparation for the ARRT mammography exam.


Lange Q & A Mammography Examination is a review and self-assessment manual for radiologic technologists interested in the Advance Level Examination in Mammography. The manual follows the content category guidelines as specified in the examinee handbook, published by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). This is a comprehensive one-step manual. Each chapter gives a brief summary of the material followed by a question and answer section.


Lange Q & A Mammography Examination is the most complete efficient and trusted tutor you can find for the ARRT exam


• Two simulated registry exam ensure the real test Is not your first test


• Registry-styled questions with answers and explanations at the end of each chapter


• All answers are fully –explained and cross-referenced to the appropriate text section


• Divided into five content categories: instrumentation and quality assurance; anatomy and physiology and pathology of the breast; mammographic technique and image evaluation; and positioning and interventional procedures


• Line diagrams explain positioning terminology consistent with the American College of Radiology and Mammography Quality Control Manual


• Radiographs illustrate pathology, film comparisons, normal circumscribed lesions and normal breast calcifications


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Spanish for Radiology Professionals

Spanish for Radiology Professionals


The only Spanish book to include the terminology that is unique to all radiology departments.

Special Features:


With little or no knowledge of Spanish, you CAN communicate your instructions to your Spanish patients within minutes.


The Spanish includes a phonetic spelling guide for easy pronunciation.


Entries have been categorized. Chapters are devoted to prone and supine instructions as in CAT scans, MRI and Ultrasound, plus specific instructions for Mammography patients, and General x-ray studies.


There is a Spanish grammar and reference section for time, numbers, days, months, seasons, clothing, colors, and bone and body parts.


Pocket-sized for lab coats.


Most of the Spanish used is followed by a phonetic transcription (syllable by syllable), showing you how to pronounce the words.


Examples of entries: (The Spanish includes a phonetic spelling guide for easy pronunciation)


Can you...stand up? ¿Puede usted...pararse?


PWEH-deh oosTED ...pahRAHR-she your mouth? ...abra la boca?


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Spanish for Professionals in Radiology

SpanishSpecial Features:

Entry Samples:

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Life After HSLife After High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt

This no-nonsense text offers strategies for dealing with life after high school. The guide explains positive and negative traits that can help or hinder teens in their post high school life and gives readers tips to identify the path to success and avoid the route that often leads to failure.